Allison Samuels
.008, 2019

The only work in the collection that has been finished with a black varnish, this dark, pebble like sculpture stands out against the raw and unfinished wood surrounding it. It’s non functional bowl-like form sits atop a table like a magnificent and mystical precious stone. Allison Samuels’ practice and the featured works chart a map through her cognitive process, emerging as a utopian vision of a sustainable future. The show is a new feat for Samuels, as she moves away from functional objects, specifically cabinetry, furniture and utensils, to sculptural objects. The featured works and the customized displays on which the pieces are shown offer a glimpse into her “3D thoughts”. Inspired by her travels and the natural materials she finds along the way, Samuel’s prioritises the Earth itself in her design practice; functionality in conversation with found natural forms. Following suit, these sculptural works are lead by their material origins, and shaped by their inherent natural properties. Allison Samuels (b. 1990) is the founder of Two Tree Studios, an environmentally conscious design practice and woodworking studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Through an upbringing surrounded by forests, rivers and mountains, Samuels cultivated an early appreciation for the natural world. As such, her work emphasizes, and is dictated in part by, the unique properties she observes within raw material itself. Stained pine Unique 16.25 × 9.25 × 3.25 inches
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