Joana Avillez
17th, C. Doublet, 2019, Framed

This selection of Joana Avillez’s illustrations go further than providing a window into her world. Chosen for their singular focus, it is possible to see how these drawings facilitate Avillez’s consumption of a richly nuanced visual world. For Avillez, the practice of recording and recounting her observations is innate as eating or breathing. For the viewer, the works offer a kind of visual h'orderve, a sample-box of stimuli to fall into. Avillez’s masterful compositions come together with what seems like effortless line and colorwork. And yet, incisive fragments of text, a color palette at the paper edge, or cut and collaged elements worked directly into the page concede the unique, meticulous attention she gives to her subjects—and to the subtle transgressions of everyday encounters that so fascinate her. Joana Avillez, b. 1986, New York, is an illustrator and writer. She grew up in a fish market in the Lower East Side, and her clients include Vogue, the New York Times, Penguin and Random House. Avillez lives and works in New York City. Ink on Paper 5.5 x 7.5 inches unframed
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