The Living Theatre
Alan Hovhaness, Halim El-Dabh, 1962, Unframed

The Living Theatre, founded in 1947, is the oldest operating experimental theatre in the US, located in New York City. At the time this advertisement was printed, the theatre was located at 6th Avenue and 14th Street in Manhattan. This poster was made for a performance of A Concert of New Music by composers Alan Hovhaness and Halim El-Dabh on February 19, 1962. For his portion, Hovhaness performed his works that had never been played anywhere before, including “Dawn at Laona Opus 153” and “Persephone Opus 154.” El-Dabh performed his three piano works “Arabiyaat,” “Misriyaat,” and “Ifriqiyaat,” which each expressed different sounds from various cultures and languages, including Arabic dance rhythms, African drumming, and harp-like sounds from the Egyptian Nile area. Letterpress 19.75 × 13.5 inches framed
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