Alvin Lustig
3 Tragedies by Lorca, 2016, Unframed

Founded by James Laughlin in 1936, the independent publisher New Directions was groundbreaking not only for pushing literary boundaries but also for pairing its texts with cover designs by now legendary visual innovators such as Alvin Lustig, Andy Warhol and Ray Johnson. Over a decade of collaboration, Lustig in particular helped shape a distinctive visual identity for the emergent modern literature with which New Directions came to be associated. These high resolution photographs are taken from original first edition copies of Lustig’s designs held in the New Directions archives. Alvin Lustig, b. 1915—d. 1955, was a graphic designer of international recognition, who was also prolific in fields including interior and commercial design. Digital print Open edition Published by Christine Burgin 22 × 17 inches
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