Alvin Lustig
W.C. Williams, In the American Grain, 1944, Framed

This original first edition book cover designed by Alvin Lustig was taken straight from press and never folded. Lustig began designing book covers in 1941. Constantly experimenting to extend the limitations of the medium, he is regarded as a leading innovator in his field. He would read each text, before attempting to express the author’s creative thrust, finally restating it in his own graphic terms. His covers remain timeless examples of the pinnacle of design. First published in 1925, W.C. Williams’ ‘In the American Grain’ is a lovingly and poetically written book about the texture of American history, beginning with the Vikings and ending with Abraham Lincoln. Alvin Lustig, b. 1915 Denver, Colorado - d. 1955, New York City, was a graphic designer of international recognition. Offset lithograph on cream coated paper Signed in imprint New Directions 11 × 21.5 inches framed
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