Ana Kraš
Family In Brown, 2017, Framed

This drawing was made for Ana Kraš & Natalie Weinberger’s 2017 Featured Artist Exhibition at Picture Room.

For their 2017 Featured Artist Exhibition, Family, Ana Kraš & Natalie Weinberger bring together drawing and sculpture to explore the nature of intimate family relationships, and the force of attraction between people and objects alike. Originating from Kras' ongoing body of line drawings, the pair collaborated to adapt Kras' abstract figures into 3-d forms, which were in turn thrown on the wheel by Weinberger. Each "family" is a modular set of functional ceramic vessels that stack to make a table top sculpture - abstracted figures who have a strong emotional pull to one another.

Beginning their collaboration with three sketches of three pairs, Kraš and Weinberger worked closely to translate the figures into 3D forms. All of the stoneware components were first thrown on the wheel, then cut and altered by Weinberger to match the silhouettes of the 2-d versions. Subsequently, Kraš concretized the families through their portraits, drawing the forms back into the two dimensional. Moulding an elegant sense of intimacy through the formal abstraction of togetherness, the 2D and 3D works find harmony in the two artists' subtle treatment of mass and line.

This smaller drawing in the series, is a second portrait of it’s iron stoneware counterpart. It mirrors the silhouette and coloring of its sculptural partner, but through Kraš’ use of line, the two figures merge, to create a complete unit.

Ana Kraš, b. 1984 Belgrade, Serbia is an artist based in New York. Her work has been exhibited at Ed Varie, Les Gens Heureux, and at Villa Lena. She has collaborated with fashion designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh as well as Band of Outsiders. She has also shot for Riot of Perfume Magazine and Apartamento Magazine.

Pencil on paper


15.5 × 11 inches

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