Andre Bertrand
Le Retour de la Colonne Durutti, 1966, Framed

This rare unfolded copy of André Bertrand’s comic strip was originally distributed as a four page pamphlet around Strasbourg University in October 1966 during a campus demonstration. It is a classic example of Situationist ‘détournement’—the hijacking of mass forms of media to subvert the intended message—and a seminal document of the student protests of the era. Irreverently misspelling its borrowed title, the comic refers to the anarchistic Durruti column formed during the Spanish Civil War. Rich with era-specific satire and sophisticated political irony, the publication was responsible for introducing the then-radical Situationist ideas to a wider audience. André Bertrand was a student at Strasbourg University and a leader of the Situationist movement, along with Guy Debord, Asger Jorn, and the Spur Group. Double-sided offset lithograph in double-sided glass frame 19.75 × 24.5 inches unframed
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