Antoine Lefebvre Editions
Monument To The Third International, 2015

Lefebvre’s sculptural artist’s book pays homage to Vladimir Tatlin’s proposed architectural masterpiece, Monument to the Third International. Opening along a horizontal axis, the book unfurls from its spine to mimic the spiraling, slanted shape of Tatlin’s Tower. When closed, the form of Dan Flavin’s seminal fluorescent light sculpture series, ‘“Monument” For V. Tatlin’ emerges from the edges of the pages. The book is entirely white apart from the artist’s insignia. As such, it demands to be read in a corporeal manner, where form is content and the user literally shapes their own unique reading. Antoine Lefebvre is an artist-publisher whose works explore various printed matter with a consistent concern for language and its operation. He founded La Bibliothèque Fantastique in 2009 and received a Ph.D. in Fine Arts at the Sorbonne, France. Cardboard and tape Edition of 12 + 4APs, Signed and numbered Picture Room edition 8 x 6 × 2.4 inches
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