Benjamin Critton
Pillars Diptych, 2014, Framed/Unframed

Pillars remarks on the intrinsic relationship between Capitalism and the production of culture. With reductive elegance, the diptych simplifies the cultural symbol of the pillar, with all its social and political connotations, to a geometric form so void of context it reads like a sign one might encounter on the street. In their pairing, the whole and broken columns take on a dialogue with the blank space that surrounds them, calling into question both form and formless-ness. B. Critton, b. 1983, is an American artist and graphic designer. Critton lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Silkscreen print Edition of 50 Signed and numbered 16 × 24 inches unframed 17 × 25 inches framed (each)
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