Claire Christerson
Best Friend Pick, 2018, Unframed

Working from memory and following imaginary threads of fancy, Claire Christerson’s works possess a coded, totemic quality. Their drawings and paintings function as a preliminary testing ground for other multimedia works such as video, performance and garment design. These works on paper provide a window into Christerson’s world of magical realism. Foregrounded on flat matte color blocks and eked out in painstaking pencil-work, Christerson’s anamorphic figures are charged with an adolescent, awkward beauty — oscillating between a cumbersome, emotional self-awareness, and an elegant vulnerability. Claire Christerson, b. 1992, New York, is a multimedia artist who lives and works in New York. Working between mediums, their work exists as moving parts of a larger narrative. Christerson has exhibited work internationally since 2012. Pencil on Paper 9 x 12 inches unframed

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