The Situationist Times, 2012, Unframed

This poster was produced by Boo-Hooray to mark the 50th anniversary of the The Situationist Times’ inaugural issue. Also made was a complete facsimile of the six issues which were originally distributed from May 1962 to December 1964 in the Netherlands, Copenhagen and Paris. Edited and published by artist Jacqueline De Jong, the magazine aimed to represent a broad collection of Situationist ideas from a variety of individuals in different disciplines. Deriving their ideologies primarily from the Surrealist and Dada avant-garde movements, as well as anti-authoritarian Marxism, The Situationist International was an organization comprised of social revolutionaries formed from 1957 to 1972. As the movement became increasingly more divided between the aesthetic and the political, so did De Jong’s publication, gaining more interest in the visual with each issue. Silkscreen Edition of 90 26 × 20 inches
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