Carolee Schneemann
Pocket Planner Poster, 1976, Framed

In 1975 Carolee Schneemann performed Interior Scroll, where she slowly extracted a long piece of folded paper from her vagina, reading from it a segment of feminist text. As though her primal organ were reciting feminist history directly, the performance would soon be regarded as a pivotal moment in redefining art’s gendered biases. Using photographs of the performance, Schneeman designed this Pocket Planner to mail the dates of her upcoming exhibitions to friends and colleagues. She also intended it as a handout for the 1976 Whitney exhibition, Mostly Nudes, however typical of the censorship that often prevailed over Schneeman’s work, a male curator confiscated the prints from the building.

Carolee Schneemann, b. 1939, is an American multidisciplinary artist. She is often credited with having transformed the definition of art and discourse on the body, sexuality, and gender.

Offset print
Edition unknown

11.5 × 14 inches framed

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