Cy Twombly
1986 Exhibition Poster, 1986, Framed/Unframed

This is an original print designed by Cy Twombly for his exhibition held at Yvon Lambert gallery in 1986. While still featuring Twombly’s gestural and “childlike but not childish” marks, as the artist once put, this poster represents a shift in his work. Twombly’s pieces from the 1980s onwards favored a romantic symbolism, often quoting poetry by Mallarmé, Rilke, and Keats as well as classical myths and allegories. By the time of this show, Twombly had already established himself as a modern master within the art world. C. Twombly, b. 1928, was an American artist. He moved to Italy in 1957, where he remained until his death in 2011. Lithograph print Limited edition, last copies available Good condition, slight wear due to age Yvon Lambert Gallery 30.5 × 22.25 inches framed 29 × 20.75 inches unframed
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