Dexter Sinister
Stampa Programmata, 2017, Framed/Unframed

In 1965, Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari released the Tetracono with an event and exhibition at the Danese Milano showroom, inviting spectators to “ the Tetracono” as if it were a person. Instead, Tetracono is a product, an austere 15-cm black steel cube housing four aluminum cones, each painted half-red and half-green, designed to spin at four distinct speedson an 18-minute cycle. Its function is to “show forms while they are in the process of becoming.” Stampa Programmata, or “programmed printing,” is a composite of four different moments in the cycle of the Tetracono, as the individual cyan, magenta, yellow, and black plates. Dexter Sinister, f. 2006-11, was a publishing collaborative based in New York City. Opened by David Reinfurt and Stuart Bailey, Dexter Sinister’s approach to creating work was a comment on the world of contemporary commercial publishing and the prevailing excess of the current art market. Industrial-artisan silkscreen print Edition of 50 Produced by Colli Independent, Rome 42.75 × 31 inches framed 39 × 27.5 inches unframed
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