Dexter Sinister
The Fall of Dexter Sinister, Framed, 2008

Designed by Dexter Sinister, The Fall was originally produced as a poster for artist and writer Frances Stark’s 2007 retrospective exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum in the Netherlands, titled “The Fall of Frances Stark.” True to their process of self-sampling, the following year Dexter Sinister re-appropriated their own poster design, modifying it for use at their occasional bookstore as a sandwich board (hence the limited edition size) to advertise the ‘Fall’ season.

Dexter Sinister, f. 2006-11, was a publishing collaborative based in New York City. Opened by David Reinfurt and Stuart Bailey, Dexter Sinister’s approach to creating work was a comment on the world of contemporary commercial publishing and the prevailing excess of the current art market.

Silkscreen Print
Edition of 2

36 × 26.5 inches framed

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