Ellsworth Kelly
Leo Castelli Exhibition Poster, 1977, Framed

This rare poster was produced for Ellsworth Kelly’s solo New York shows in February 1977, during a time when his work was handled jointly by Leo Castelli and Blum Helman Galleries. Pictured on the poster is a work titled Black Curve II. Harmonious and polished, Kelly’s works of this period took on an almost monumental quality with their boldly simple flat panels of monochrome paint. The works in this exhibition showcased Kelly’s distinctive large canvases—sometimes with one edge extending beyond the rectangle to form a trapezoid shape—that contained vertical bisecting planes of two or three colors. Ellsworth Kelly (b. 1923 – d. 2015, New York) was heralded as a key figure in American minimalist painting, known for his geometric abstraction of forms distilled from everyday life and rendered in solid bright color. Offset Lithograph 28 × 23 inches framed
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