Aidan Koch
Face Vase, 2018

Each distinct in shape and character, these vases carry literal traces of the direct and intuitive process that characterizes Aidan Koch’s work. In 2017, they were exhibited at Transmitter as part of the dual exhibition In Search Of, for which Koch and Dawit L. Petros used various media to explore narratives of geospatial movement and migration. Considering both ancient mythology and a looming dystopian future, Koch created comics and sculptures that draw connections across disparate times and spaces. Aidan Koch, b. 1988 Seattle, WA, is an artist and graphic novelist. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Ceramic Each unique Flared: 3 w x 3.75 d x 5 h Bud: 3 w x 4 d x 4.5 h
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