Filmmakers' Cinematheque, Spectro-Mach 1, 1965, Framed

This flyer was printed for photographer Don Snyder's multimedia project Spectro-Mach 1. Snyder taught at the School of Visual Arts in the 1970s. His signature was “fleshprints:” subjects would cover their body (most often the face) with petroleum jelly, press it on light-sensitive paper, then develop and print the resulting image. Snyder also produced light sculptures, which were exhibited in the Brooklyn Museum. His subjects included the poet Gerard Malanga and the filmmaker/writer Jonas Mekas.

D. Snyder, b. 1934 - d. 2010, was a prolific photographer whose experimental work was influential amongst the avant garde of the era.

Silkscreen Print
Film Makers’ Cinemateque

18 × 12.5 inches framed

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