Anthony Cudahy
FR Gubs, 2011, Unframed

Works by Anthony Cudahy often feature themes of isolation, memory and hope. Cudahy’s work illustrates the dialogue between the self and the other and denotes a sense of intimacy. FR Gubs is a foray that embodies the artist’s shift in style; his use of mixed media shows a tension between medium, image and intention, exposing an emotionally and materially complex process. Anthony Cudahy, b. 1989 Florida, is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His solo exhibitions include The Gathering at The Java Project, NARSOLIPS at Cooler Gallery, and Heaven Inside at Uprise Art Outpost. He has also shown in group exhibitions at Danese/Corey, Mulherin, Hap Gallery, the Pratt Institute’s Dekalb Gallery, and more. Mix of ink, gouache, acrylic, gesso and pencil on paper. 24.5 x 19 inches
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