Bruno Munari
Gatto, Unframed

This poster pays homage to the special affinity the Milanese designer Bruno Munari felt for the cat, while showcasing Munari’s elegant and skillful illustrative stroke. Though the cat featured already in a number of Munari’s books, this index of comical and sinous feline movements also references Munari’s design sketches for his foam rubber toy, Gatto Meo, manufactured in 1949 for Pirelli-Pigomma. On the subject of the cat as the ultimate aesthetic subject, Munari commented, “When a cat is soft, smooth, clean; when you can place him in different positions and he just stays, when he never pees anywhere, you don’t have to take care of him, you don’t need to feed him… what else can you wish for?” Bruno Munari, b. 1907 – d. 1998, Milan, was an Italian artist and designer known for his seminal work across various mediums and movements, ranging from Futurism to Surrealism to Concrete Art. Poster Published by Corraini 30.5 × 19.75 inches unframed
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