Roz Chast
Here’s What Happened, 2016, Framed

Roz Chast’s graphic memoir Going into Town: A Love Letter to New York (Bloomsbury 2017) is both an ode to the artist’s native city, which she left for the suburbs in the 1990’s, and a guide for her children as they make their way back to it. The book’s cartoons capture the small details and comic absurdities of city life, drawing out the sensation of simultaneous familiarization and disorientation that they provoke. This original page features a conversation between Chast and her daughter that both encapsulates and prompts the project as a whole. Roz Chast (b. 1954, New York) is a New Yorker cartoonist who first drew for the magazine in 1978. Known for her wide illustrative range, which spans from gag strips to children’s literature, Chast has received equally diverse honors, including the Heinz Award for Arts and Humanities (2015), the National Book Critics’ Circle award for Autobiography (2014), and the New York City Literary Honor for Humor (2012). Her recent books include Going Into Town: a Love Letter to New York (Bloomsbury 2017) and the acclaimed graphic memoir Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? (Bloomsbury 2014). Chast’s work can also be found in Scientific American, Harvard Business Review, Redbook, and Mother Jones, among many other publications. She lives and works in New York and Connecticut. Watercolor and ink on paper Unique 10.37 × 8.37 inches
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