Pia Howell
Hollywood Rd. (Small White), 2015, Large Bowl of Oranges, Unframed

Pia Howell’s series of C-prints, Hollywood Rd., was created for Picture Room using her signature color darkroom process. The body of work, which blurs the lines between painting, photography, and printmaking, references Hong Kong’s antiques market of the same name. Drawing inspiration from classical eastern and western elements, Howell uses a visual language of universally relatable iconography. To create her prints, Howell paints directly on to transparencies, then contact-prints onto photo paper by exposing the paper to color-filtered light in the darkroom. The resulting prints have a simplicity of form that deviates fluidly between abstraction and representation and renders the familiar unfamiliar. Pia Howell, b. 1986, Kansas City, MO, is an American artist. She graduated from Barnard College in 2008, after spending a year studying Photography at Rhode Island School of Design. In 2011, she had her first solo show at Golden Age, Chicago; she has also exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Hal Bromm Gallery, New York; Art Since the Summer of ’69, New York; and Bodega, Philadelphia, among others. Her work was featured in installations and designs for the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Printed Matter, and Etudes Studio. She now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. C-Print Edition of 1 + 1 AP 9.5 × 7.5 inches unframed
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