Inventory Press
Blueprint for Counter Education Poster

This set of three posters, designed by Marshall Henrichs, was originally published in 1970 to accompany the book of the same name by Maurice Stein and Larry Miller. Blueprint for Counter Education is one of the defining (but neglected) works of radical pedagogy of the Vietnam War era. Integrated into the design of the Critical Studies curriculum at CalArts, the posters were intended to serve as a portable learning environment for a new process-based model of education. Their content operates like a bibliography or checklist that maps patterns and relationships between radical thought and artistic practices—from the avant-gardes to postmodernism—with Marcuse and McLuhan serving as points of anchorage.

The entire publication was reissued by Inventory Press in 2016, complete with folded posters, a replicated slipcase, and a new booklet containing notes and conversations. These limited edition posters are unfolded and signed by original Blueprint authors Maurice Stein and Larry Miller. The full set is also available without signatures.

Inventory Press is the New York publishing house of Adam Michaels and Shannon Harvey. They publish books with an emphasis on subcultures, minor histories, and the sociopolitical aspects of material culture.

Offset Print
Edition of 3
Available signed and unsigned

45 × 37.25 inches unframed

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