Inventory Press
The Electric Information Age Book, 2015

This poster was produced in tandem with a book published by Inventory Press, and edited by Jeffrey T. Schnapp & Adam Michaels. The Electric Information Age Book “explores a time span in mass-market publishing in the sixties and seventies when former backstage players—designers, graphic artists, editors, ‘coordinators,’ and ‘producers’—stepped into the spotlight to create a set of exceptional paperback books.” The poster montages images and a number of pages from the publication, riffing on its own design, while echoing the distinctive graphic techniques employed in the original paperbacks’ designs. Inventory Press is the publishing house of Adam Michaels and Shannon Harvey. Working in New York City they publish books with an emphasis on subcultures, minor histories, and the sociopolitical aspects of material culture. Offset print 28.75 × 22 inches unframed
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