Jen Shear
Untitled Patch 1

This silk patch has been digitally printed with scans of Jen Shear’s original collage work. Shear composes her collages out of found images, graphite, watercolor paper, and sometimes acrylic paint. The compositions deal with themes of gender politics, cultural identity, alternative lifestyles, advertising, art history, erotica, and the natural world. Shear describes her collages by saying, “I strive to create my own form of visual communication by taking images out of their original context and placing them next to one another in gridded compositions.” The delicate silk that these works are printed on transforms them into elegant and intimate decorative objects, adding another layer of context to the work. Jen Shear, b. 1987, Taipei, Taiwan, is a visual artist based in California. Digital print on silk charmeuse Small limited edition 8 × 5 inches
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