Joseph Scanlan
Aeschylus (detail), 2014

Joseph Scanlan’s work takes multiple forms, from sculpture to design, performance, and art. This object is in fact comprised of two offcuts from the construction of a wedding bed, re-joined to form a middle seam. Titled after a story told by Aeschylus, the Greek playwright in Plato’s Symposium, the sculpture manifests his explanation of Love as the innate desire we have to find our ‘other half.’ According to the myth, this resulted from a time when men (and women) were formed in pairs and joined at the navel, before being split so they might move independently of one another. Joseph Scanlan, b. 1962, is an American artist and educator. Scanlan lives and works in New York City. Wood Unique 10.5 × 11.5 × .75 inches
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