Glynnis Fawkes
Kids In The Archaeological Museum In Rhodes, 2016, Framed

Depicting an emblematic moment from a family vacation in Greece, this drawing blends the two principal subjects that Glynnis Fawkes explores in her illustrative work: archaeology and parenthood. She juxtaposes the complexity of the ancient materials in the background with the simple indifference of her children, capturing the scene as both artist and mother. Glynnis Fawkes (b. 1969, Oregon) is a cartoonist and archaeological illustrator living in Burlington, Vermont. Her Ignatz Award-nominated comics about parenthood have appeared in The New Yorker since 2017. They are also published on and are collected in Reign of Crumbs, published by Kilgore Books in 2017. Fawkes’s self-published book Greek Diary won a silver medal at the Society of Illustrators MoCCA Arts Festival in 2017, and her book-in-progress Alle Ego won the MoCCA Arts Festival Award for Excellence in 2016. She was named a Best American Comics Notable in 2012 and 2013. Ink on paper Unique 14.37 × 11.37 inches
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