Lawrence Weiner
Por Si Mismo (Per Se), 2001, Framed

This is the exhibition poster produced to coincide with Lawrence Weiner’s 2001 project across Madrid. Created specifically for the occasion, Weiner distributed a variety of text based installations from the Palacio de Cristal to the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Library, offering a tour of the city. Functioning as public sculptures, the text works describe the materials the pieces were comprised of - a reflection of the show title Por Si Mismo/Per Se, which roughly translates to ‘in and of itself.’ As Weiner is known for, the texts were in both English and Spanish - adopting the native language of the installation site.

Lawrence Weiner, b. 1942, Bronx, New York is considered a key figure of the Conceptual Art movement. He lives and works in New York and Amsterdam.

Offset print

27.75 × 19.75 inches framed

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