Lawrence Weiner
Written On The Wind, 1998, Framed

This is the exhibition poster for Lawrence Weiner’s show Auf Den Wind Geschrieben - Written On the Wind at the Kunsthalle Nürnberg in Germany, which presented a collection of 200 of the artist’s posters from 1965 up to that point, in 1998. For the occasion, Weiner designed this poster, printing text from the show’s catalogue onto the surface, that explains this poster is, too, part of the current exhibition. In the spirit of the show poster, Lawrence had them placarded in big cities across Germany during the exhibition. Lawrence writes, “The poster is a carrier. It is a basis, a structure, a helpmate for language.” Lawrence Weiner, b. 1942, Bronx, New York is considered a key figure of the Conceptual Art movement. He lives and works in New York and Amsterdam. Offset print 34 × 24.5 inches framed
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