Johanna Tagada
Making Friends, 2019, Framed

In this series of collages titled Cocooning, Johanna Tagada layers multiple materials such as found paper, washi paper, gouache, and oil paint, bringing a nurturing sensibility to the technique. With decided restraint and precision, Tagada cocoons one circular form with the next so that the materials bestow each other with a softness, as though being gently cloaked. The works’ visual leanness allows the space around the forms, as well as the forms themselves, to oscillate between positive volume and negative outline, and quiets the viewer’s attention to unfold around a minutiae of textures, contrasts, and details. Johanna Tagada, b. 1990, Strasbourg, France, is a painter and interdisciplinary artist whose practice is built on her own daily meditations, expanding outwards to incorporate ecological observations and wider cultural theories. She lives and works in London, UK. Washi paper, banana paper, gouache, and found paper collage Unique Signed 12 x 9.5 inches framed
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