Ana Kraš
On, 2018, Unframed

On [It in Serbian] is a hybrid study between figure and land. A face is outlined but each of its elements as well as the colors used by the artist echo earth, water and their natural shapes. Ana Kraš explores the ways to represent human forms through diverse shapes than are not commonly used for drawing the human body. More structured and straight lines further in space from each other than they would be on the human face are in conversation throughout the drawing. In her work, Ana Kraš explores human bodies and relationships through fluid geometric forms. Her drawings reflect her ongoing hybrid interest falling at the crossroad of product design and life drawing. Influenced by Bauhaus aesthetics, she constructs her drawings with a graphic design eye originating from her background in furniture and lighting design. Womanhood, sexuality, and the body in space are central themes she constantly revisits through figurative sketches. Various shapes come out of her imagination creating a linear, precise dictionary of marks. The minimal color palettes at the image of the intimate themes she chooses to depict embrace the design vocabulary she uses to depict the human body. Ana Kraš, b. 1984 Belgrade, Serbia is an artist based in New York. Her work has been exhibited at Ed Varie, Les Gens Heureux, and at Villa Lena. She has collaborated with fashion designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh as well as Band of Outsiders. She has also shot for Riot of Perfume Magazine and Apartamento Magazine. Pencil on Japanese Washi paper Unique, Signed 17 × 12.5 inches
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