Oscar Reutersvärd
Omöjlig Teknik 5, Framed

Acknowledged as “the father of the impossible figure,” Oscar Reutersvärd devised his pioneering three dimensional drawing of a triangle in 1934 at the age of 18. The drawing, composed of multiple perspectives impossibly intertwined, would eventually be adopted by the Swedish government for use on a postage stamp. He typically drew freehand using India ink on Japanese rice paper, without a ruler or any mechanical device. Later works, such as this one, see Reutersvärd using architectural conventions and representations of physical objects to create dizzying geometric puzzles. Oscar Reutersvärd, b. 1915—d. 2002, was a Swedish graphic designer known for his prodigious illustrations of impossible geometric illusions, of which he produced over 2500 in his lifetime. Lithograph Edition of 75 Signed and numbered 31 × 24.5 inches framed
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