Painting, 1976, Unframed

This is the original poster for Malcolm Morley’s 1976 exhibition ‘Painting’ at The Clocktower, Institute for Art and Urban Resources in New York—a division of what is now known as MoMA PS1. The exhibition, presented by Lawrence Alloway, featured a series of Morley’s paintings which depict catastrophes, including such works as Train Wreck (1975), Disaster (1974), and Age of Catastrophe (1976). To make this particular series of work, Morley incorporated found objects such as postcards, magazine pages, safety pins, children’s toys, and even a kitchen knife, which he pierced through the canvas of Disaster. Malcolm Morley, b. 1931, is an English painter. He moved to New York City in 1958 and currently lives and works in Bellport, New York. Offset print Edition unknown MoMA PS1 29 × 23 inches unframed
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