Rachel Schultz
Permeate, 2019, Unframed

These abstract paintings by Rachel Schultz suggest a new territory for the painter whose work typically deploys the human figure as a canvas for psychological landscapes. Pulling back a further layer of figuration, these abstracted images with their layered translucencies absorb the viewer deeper into such inner environments. Whereas Schultz’s paintings usually create figures out of gestures, here gesture is shown in its pure, expanded form—as though zooming a lens. The paintings still contain traces of the figural, only now the figure has dissolved into abstracted elements, which sensually play out across the page in order that we might observe more closely their relativity to one another, and what they might evoke in our own inner consciousness. Rachel Schultz, b. 1992, New York, is an artist based in New York City. Gouache on paper Unique Signed 9 x 12 inches
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