Philip Levine
Pennsylvania Pastoral, 2012, Framed/Unframed

This limited edition poetry broadside was published by Empyrean Press to mark the occasion of Philip Levine’s reading during “The Examined Life” conference at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, on the 20th April, 2012. The poem, which appeared previously in the January 2012 edition of The New Yorker, is paired here with a reproduction of an original watercolour by Iowa-based landscape painter Deborah Zisko. Zisko is a self-taught landscape painter who works primarily in small-scale watercolour and collage.

Philip Levine, b. 1928, Detroit MI—d. 2015, Fresno CA, was a Pullitzer Prize-winning poet known for his poems about the people and politics of Detroit’s working-class.

Letterpress print
Empyrean Press
Edition of 150
Signed and numbered

13.25 × 9.25 inches unframed

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