Nina Hartmann
Print, 2017, Framed/Unframed

This is the very first print that Nina Hartmann printed herself while learning the process of offset printing. Utilizing screenprinting, painting, xeroxing, and other material methods to transform images in an almost alchemical practice, Hartmann is interested in the process of reappropriation and manipulation of the source material. She explores and extensively researches mythologies and histories, which she then visually distorts in her own artwork. Nina Hartmann (b. 1990) currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Most of her body of work focuses on themes such as esoteric knowledge, spiritualism, cults, and subcultures ranging from doomsday preppers to 60's counter culture. She is the author of Drinking Black Bile (2014), False Prophets (2015) and The Snake Told The Truth (2015) that are all part of Printed Matter’s archive. Offset print 11 x 16 inches
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