Rachel Domm
Macrame, 2013, Framed/Unframed

Central to Rachel Domm’s work is the relationship between art and the natural world. Meditations on the handmade, her prints and drawings are often composed of repetitious smaller units, reminiscent of stitches or woven threads. With their expressive inconsistencies they form shimmering fields of textured colour that shift between a transcendent beauty and a humble antidote to the image-saturated culture of today. Domm’s work has been shown throughout New York, including a show and installation at Printed Matter for the occasion of her book of drawings RUGS, published by Miniature Garden.

Rachel Domm, b. 1982, is an American artist and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York.

Silkscreen Print
Edition of 70 (black), 50 (red)
Signed and numbered

12 × 9 inches unframed
15 × 12 inches framed

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