Rachel Schultz
Reverie, 2019, Unframed

Reverie presents an aggregation of elements: some abstracted, some representational, others mysteriously obscured, others still half-formed; like a fleeting thought that has been abandoned. Bounded by a faint but deliberate pencil frame, these elements float like islands in a sea of shifting attention. Unable to rest on a single focal point, instead the viewer is forced to consider these islands as fragments that compose not a picture exactly, but a field to be immersed in. Much like a state of mind, a mood or an atmosphere, Reverie is reflective of Rachel Schultz’s preoccupation with consciousness: manifested here as images, colors, and gestures cycling in the background of thought. Rachel Schultz, b. 1992, New York, is an artist based in New York City. Gouache, pastel, oil pastel, graphite on paper Unique Signed 11 x 17 inches
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