Richard Kostelanetz
KILL, SLAY…, 1975, Framed/Unframed

KILL, SLAY… is part of the Word Prints series, a set of seven silkscreens produced by Richard Kostelanetz in 1975. These simple monochromatic works exemplify the type of hybridised art-poetry that he pioneered. Kostelanetz writes, “My aim here was the creation of a visual form so appropriate to a certain word that the whole picture would have an indelible impact. What is called an afterimage would be left in the viewer's mind, primarily because the shape endowed the word with certain resonances that would otherwise be unavailable.” Richard Kostelanetz, b. 1940 is a writer, artist, critic and editor. He lives and works in New York. Silkscreen print Edition of 50 Signed and numbered 40 × 26 inches unframed
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