Rodney Graham
Weathervane, 2009, Framed/Unframed

This limited edition silkscreen by Rodney Graham was published by Christine Burgin and Donald Young Gallery alongside an artist’s book. The publications coincided with Graham’s 2008 permanent installation of a copper weathervane on the cupola of the Whitechapel Gallery, London. The weathervane depicts the artist as the sixteenth century scholar, Erasmus, seated backwards on a horse while reading “The Praise of Folly,” continuing Graham’s interest in involuntary, cyclical and backward journeys.

Deriving the book cover design from the 1940s series "Britain in Pictures" Graham commissioned painter Neil Wedman to make a series of silhouette drawings to illustrate Erasmus’ description of his journey. Of the print Christine Burgin comments, “Long after we had completed the layout for the book Rodney was still imagining different scenarios for Erasmus […] these ended up being used to make the silkscreen, which Rodney thought of as a sort of Erasmus comic strip.”

Rodney Graham, b. 1949, is a Canadian artist and musician. He lives and works in Vancouver.

Edition of 40
Published by Christine Burgin and Donald Young Gallery

34 × 34 inches unframed
37.5 × 36.75 inches framed

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