Maia Ruth Lee
Sally’s Room, PR Edition, 2016, Unframed

Printed exclusively for Picture Room, this edition of 32 serigraph prints reproduces the ink on paper painting of the same name. The original work is from a series of paintings produced for Picture Room, in which full pages of clip art catalogs from the 80s and 90s, depicting decorative borders that would appear in emails and newsletters, are meticulously copied in absorptive india ink on archival rag paper. The labyrinth-like composition calls to mind the symmetry of a formal garden, and draws from Lee’s fascination with blueprints of mandalas as a child in Nepal. Lee returns to the glyphs, lexicons and alphabets that saturated her aesthetic landscape growing up as the child of two linguistics scholars, and applies the precision of Eastern calligraphy to translate digital forms into handmade mark. Maia Ruth Lee, b. 1983 in Korea, is a mixed-media artist. Having spent her childhood in Nepal, Lee returned to Seoul for her undergraduate studies. Lee now lives and works in New York, and shows with Eli Ping Frances Perkins Gallery. Most recently, she had a solo show at Jack Hanley Gallery, entitled: Access to Tools (Fall 2018) Lee's work is currently on view at the Whitney 2019 Biannual. Silkscreen print Edition of 32 + 4 AP Printed by Kayrock 23.5 × 16.5 inches
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