Print Edition Release With

Emma Kohlmann

Wednesday, June 26th, 6pm-8pm

Picture Room is pleased to announce new works exclusive to our collection by Emma Kohlmann. Join us as we release two special edition prints made by the artist in collaboration with Picture Room. Celebrations will be preceded by an artist talk, with Kohlmann introducing her work and recent projects. Alongside the PR editions, Kohlmann is releasing a new zine and monotypes produced during her Spring residency at the University of Texas, where she was Guest Artist in Print.

Emma Kohlmann, b. 1989, Bronx, New York, is a Massachusetts-based artist. She has held solo shows in the US, Canada, Denmark and Japan. A prolific maker of prints, drawings and paintings, Kohlmann also publishes her own artist books and zines, as well as producing record covers and band posters for music labels and friends.

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