Simone Forti
Two Evenings at the Pasadena Art Museum, 1971, Unframed

This announcement for Simone Forti’s 1971 two-night performance at the Pasadena Art Museum features stage notes for each evening. On the first night, Forti performed improvised movement to musician Charlemagne Palestine on piano in a piece entitled Illuminations—a work which debuted that year. For the second night, Forti presented a retrospective of her 1961 dance constructions, which are now known as some of her most famous works. Based on improvisation and chance, they straddle dance, performance art, and Minimalist sculpture. Often requiring the fragile interaction between multiple bodies, these constructions answer to repetitive cause-and-effect tasks. Simone Forti, b. 1935, is an Italian-born American dancer, artist, and writer. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. 25.25 × 20 inches framed
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