Claire Krouzecky
Sky for Sisyphus, 2017, 9th April 2017, Unframed

These small watercolours represent individual components from Kroužecký’s continuing exercise in painting the sky. Recording observed colours in pools of liquid colour, the works are a residue of both chance and intention. Their round markings suggest the perceiving eye, or the water droplets that constitute the sky, as well as the circularity of the exercise. Started in 2011, the series has grown to over 300 unique paintings and stand as an accumulation of time as well as its passing. Claire Kroužecký, b. 1986, Perth, Australia, works across multiples disciplines including painting, site-specific installation, performance, video and sound. Her works often develop over a duration and are best described as accumulations — in real time, observation, or recordings. Her practice inhabits a space between the romantic and the conceptual, and her subjects usually revolve around light and air. Kroužecký currently lives and works in Perth, Australia. Watercolour on paper Unique Signed 5.75 × 5.75 inches unframed
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