Hallie Bateman
Think Of Me Unexpectedly, 2017, Framed

Illustrator Hallie Bateman collaborated with her mother, Suzy Hopkins, on the forthcoming book What To Do When I’m Gone, a preemptive daily guide for a daughter processing the grief of her mother’s death. This original painting accompanies the wisdom Hopkins offers for her daughter’s 4000th day of mourning: “Death isn’t just subtraction. You’re left with a treasure of memories that can be triggered by sights, sounds, smells—a record of how my life enriched yours.” Hallie Bateman (b. 1989, California) is an illustrator and writer who lives in Los Angeles. Her drawings and writing have appeared regularly in The New Yorker since 2015, and are also published in such venues as The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, and Hyperallergic. Bateman illustrated Love Voltaire Us Apart by Julia Edelman (Icon Books 2016) and published a creative journal, Brave New Work, with MoMA in 2017. Her book What To Do When I’m Gone, a collaboration with her mother, is forthcoming from Bloomsbury. Gouache on paper Unique 14.25 × 10.25 inches
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