Victoria Burge
Light Study, 2015

The subtle topography of this three part series are the resultant markings of Victoria Burge charting the atmospheric changes across a water surface. Exercises in visual mapping, the works translate movement into fixed pattern. Of the triptych Burge says, “The work reflects an interest in tactile presence and the sculptural possibilities of both paper and print. Important to the edition is the role of light, not only as subject, but also as a medium. Just as light and water interact and activate one another within their environment, raking light activates the captured forms of this printed edition and brings the quiet surfaces of the paper to life.”

Victoria Burge, b. 1976, is a printmaker and horticulturalist. She lives in Philadelphia.

Relief print with embossment
Edition of 15 + 1AP

31 × 25 inches framed

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