Robin Cameron
VII, 2016

This monotype debuted in February 2016 as part of a site-specific exhibition by Robin Cameron in the window-front gallery project FOUR A.M., at 291 Grand Street, New York. An online component to the work was exhibited concurrently and streamed through the virtual gallery, Incorporating calcium hydroxide whiting on the back side of the frame glass, this watercolour monotype depicts the roman numeral seven. At FOUR A.M. Cameron whited out the window itself, and installed a marble and brass clock sculpture. With both exacting and fluid abstraction, Cameron’s multifaceted project was hinged on the contingency of time, aptly ending on the leap year, February 29. Robin Cameron, b.1981, is a Canadian artist and printmaker. She lives and works in New York City. Watercolor monotype on paper, whiting Unique 40 × 27.5 inches
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