Leanne Shapton
Was She Pretty? original drawings, 2006, Framed/Unframed

These ink drawings by illustrator, author and publisher Leanne Shapton are selected from original pages of her 2006 graphic novel Was She Pretty? and shown at Picture Room to coincide with the novel’s 10th anniversary release in paperback by Montreal Publisher Drawn & Quarterly. The novel today continues to hold a subtle power with its vulnerable, candid and intimate vignettes of ex-lovers. Traversing a cloudy terrain between the real and imagined, Shapton pairs elegant ink drawings with fractured ruminations on what was. Poignant and fragile, yet detached and context-less, the brief impressions read like a “folk taxonomy of former lovers” (Bookforum). Leanne Shapton, b. 1973, is a Canadian artist and writer. She lives and works in New York City. Ink on paper Unique Dimensions variable
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