William Wegman
Field Guide to North America And To Other Regions, 1993

Published as an edition of 20 unique books, Field Guide to North America And To Other Regions features individually created portfolios of photographs, paintings, drawings, and collages by William Wegman. Each large-format book is displayed in a plywood case and wrapped in a swath of Buffalo plaid blanket. The work on view at Picture Room is the third in the edition. Field Guide to North America And To Other Regions was shown only once previously in the 2012 exhibition William Wegman: Hello Nature, which debuted at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Maine, and traveled to Sweden in 2013. While known for his photographs of his famed pet weimaraners, Wegman has created work inspired by and within nature throughout his career. In Field Guide to North America And To Other Regions, he brings together works across multiple mediums as a practical guide and commentary on man’s relationship with the natural world. In this edition, the table of contents is drawn on birch bark. Nature scenes, outdoor activities, and camping recipes are depicted as watercolors, paintings, and collages of found objects, such as leaves and 19th century camping books. Photographs show vignettes of the forest, at times featuring his weimaraners. In one of the drawings, Wegman instructs and asks the reader, “Go into the woods until you find a place that you feel comfortable in – far from your house or cabin, far from the road. Make a small clearing if you need to. Put everything aside. When inside this space do you feel comfortable with yourself?” William Wegman, b. 1943, Holyoke, Massachusetts, works in various mediums including painting, drawing, video, and photography. Wegman lives and works in New York and Maine. Mixed Media Edition 3 of 20 Signed and Numbered Published by Lapis Press 23 x 18 x 2 inches
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